PSik’s PViewer is a fast disk-based image viewer designed to quickly and efficiently display and manipulate very large raster image files.

PViewer’s high performance is achieved through a highly efficient software architecture designed for high-speed viewing and processing of both 8-bit and 1-bit image files.


Display Large Images

Enhanced disk-based viewer displays images of any size; supports up to 16 channels

Enhanced View

Enhanced View, Twin View, color management

PhotoShop Plug-in

Industry-standard Adobe Photoshop™ Plug-in mechanism

Direct Printing

Direct printing to HP DesignJet plotters

View Images of Any Size

Designed for graphic artists and digital arts professionals, PViewer is an industrial strength viewer capable of handling extremely large image files (even larger than 4 Gigabytes) while requiring negligible system resources.

Large Image Manipulation

PViewer may be used to apply geometric operations, such as crop and rotate, to very large images, with no special computing resource needs.

Standards-based Architecture

PViewer’s architecture is based on PSik enhancements to the industry-standard Adobe Photoshop plug-in mechanism. Its open and modular design provides great flexibility and enables easy customization.

Designed for OEMs and VARs in the Field of Large Image Viewing and Printing

PSik’s industrial-strength PViewer provides an open and flexible architecture that allows customized features to be added on demand.