DeltaProof 3.0

Unique quality control tool for packaging gravure

Paper-based Formproofs are used in many packaging gravure sites to detect faults prior to engraving.

Furthermore in many cases a specially printed foil which shows the client approved data is compared against the Formproof.

DeltaProof 3.0 is an alternative soft proofing solution. Instead of making physical prints, DeltaProof visualizes the Formproof on a large 4k monitor. The client approved data is shown on the monitor as a “floating image“ on top. All checks that were done using the paper FormProof can thus be performed without actual prints.


Image Comparison

DeltaProof compares the customer approved content with the cylinder layout and points out possible differences

Cost Saving

DeltaProof eliminates significant expenses on ink, paper, plotter hardware and space while speeding up the verification process


DeltaProof offers features which are not available with a paper-based proof, like separations turning on/off and density reading

Hairline Detection

DeltaProof detects 1-pixel lines which may appear due to rendering or other faults


DeltaProof has a manual and an automatic mode

DeltaProof 3.0 eliminates physical prints

Interactive Workflow

  • The user selects the cylinder layout job (job ticket and Tiff data) and displays it on a large 4K monitor.
  • Separations can be turned on and off, distance and density measurement can be taken.
  • The user selects the PDF which contains the customer approved “1-up“. The PDF is rendered and a “floating mask“ is created.
  • The DeltaProof 3.0 automatically locates the location of the repeats on the cylinder layout image and offers a convenient view for comparing the “1-up“ data and the actual repeats to be engraved.
Client approved data is shown as a “floating image“ on top of the cylinder layout

Automatic Workflow

  • The user selects all the participating files (cylinder layout, report file, etc.)
  • The user selects which separations should be turned off, in both cylinder layout and report files.
  • Upon hitting ‘Run’, the system performs all operations, including automatic content comparison and hairline detection without the need for further user intervention.
  • Upon completion, the cylinder layout and the report files are displayed together with a list of found. Only then the user is invited to look at the results and perform further checks.
  • The DeltaProof automatically assignes the location of the repeats on the cylinder layout image and offers a convenient view for comparing the “1-up“ data and the actual repeats to be engraved.

Additional Features

  • Cylinder layout files can be “packed” into PDF, providing an additional option for remote viewing, annotation and archiving.
  • The field proven paper-based FormProof software is included as part of the Deltaproof 3.0, in case there is still a need to produce such proofs

System Configuration and Architecture

  • DeltaProof 3.0 is a 64-bit application.
  • For performance gain, it uses acceleration in image decompression, parrallel processing and GPU
  •  The system uses consumer 4K TV as the system display. The user may benefit from the wide choice of TV sizes as well from the vast progress in consumer display technologies.


Direct Paper Proof DeltaProof 3.0
Content Comparison - -
Hairline detection - -
Automation -
Turn-off separations - -
1Up mask placement - -
Saves ink & paper - -
Low hardware cost - -
Save 1Up foil printing - - -
True to scale
R.O.O.M* -
Seamless proof -
Testcut proof -
True to scale -
Density measurement -
Speed - -
Archive & Remotes - -