DeltaViewer is a PSik image viewer specially developed for Hell gravure packaging jobs. It provides an alternative for checking gravure 8-bit Tiff files to Photoshop or Esko’s Bit-Map Viewer.

DeltaViewer has Support for:

  1. Hell gravure packaging jobs
  2. Separated 8-bit Tiff files.
  3. Variety of naming conventions


  • Support for packaging jobs with multiple resolutions (resolution switching while viewing can be done dynamically)
  • High-speed LZW decompression
  • Hairlines detection – ability to identify single pixel lines with wrong data (due to rendering or other problems)
  • Support for Pantone colors simulation
  • Enhanced Tiff functionality
  • Ability to pack a complete Hell job (including rendered Tiff) into PDF


PViewer 8.5 DeltaViewer 3.0 DeltaProof 3.0
Fast view of HGS gravure packaging jobs
Support for jobs with multiple resolutions
Hairlines detection -
Pack into PDF -
Comparison customer approved data (“Report File”) - -
Automatic - -
Helio FormProof - - Included
Workflow Interactive Interactive Interactive and automated workflow
Availability Integral Part of HQH and FormProof End of Q2/2020 End of Q2/2020
Version X86 and X64 X64 X64
Protection Hasp (Integral Part of HQH and FormProof Hasp Hasp