HQH - High Quality Hinting

HQH (High Quality Hinting) improves the readability and the appearance of fine text and graphics in print.
Repro data is generally prepared using manual correction in line with specific engraving requirements. HQH automates this process by examining engraving data for fine lines and text and automatically optimizing these elements according to pre- set criteria.
Fine text thus remains readable and small graphics do not disappear in print.
Parametrization of HQH is done via job-ticket which has been generated by HelioDisk.

Before HQH
After HQH


HQH prevents characters from touching each other:​


Three types of HQH are available:

HQH Classic

a software, which runs on a separate PC. The benefit: In many cases old types of HelioKlischographs can be integrated into the workflow.


a futrher development of HQH classic and offers advanced output quality

HQH embedded

A function of the HelioKlischograph


HQH Embedded HQH classic HQH Pro
Improves readability of text and graphical elements
Advanced quality - -
Contains site-license -
Recommended input resolution 200 l/cm 200 l/cm 1000 l/cm
Output for HelioKlischograph
Output for XtremeEngraving - -
Output for Cellaxy - -
Upgrade to HQH Pro available - n.a.
„On the cloud“ test set-up available
„Local“ test set-up available -